Footage courtesy of Jeremy G. from Mystery Tackle Box

YO sorry for the late description. I was getting carryout for the fam. So heres the scenario…This was the first time I had ever fished this small lake in Nor. IL. Ross and I were the first of the MTB guys to show up at the lake. To keep myself busy I decided to set up ONE single tip up on a 100+ acre lake. I set up a 4in shiner/roach on a 12ft hump surrounded by 20ft of water. The bottom was presumed to be sand and rock, little to no grass. After a few minutes and once the rest of the gang showed up the flag popped. The fight was solid, the muskie came to the hole about 5 times and the fight lasted a little over 10 minutes. This was one of my biggest fish through the ice and my first muskie ever. I’m a bass angler and I rarely hold toothy critters which explains my awkward grasp on the fish. The fish WAS released, I have a ton of respect for these fish regardless of the impact they may have on bass populations. I love sharing new experiences with you guys and I hope you enjoyed. I wish the video was longer but sometimes short and sweet isn’t too bad. Thanks for watching and as always good fishing.
–Young Plug

Song: Green Tea and Trail — Artist: Frito Bandito

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Equipment details:
-Leader material:
-Bait: 4in Roach
-Leader length: 3′
-Bait was 1.5ft off the bottom


  1. hey man I have a question. while you guys are fishing I have been sitting
    home. I’ve went to a couple lakes but I’m way to nervous because I know
    it’s less than 2 inches. u were even out there when it was sunny and nice.
    how many inches do you have? you’re not nervous at all?

  2. 0:30 looks like someone’s body is in the water and there head is sticking
    out of the ice in background lol

  3. hey if you think that exciting try casting for them they follow to the boat
    and im telling you they get close up and personal. and i love you videos
    big fan keep them coming thanks bye.

  4. Use braided fish like that you use that plastic line pike if gets his teeth
    on that move his jaw little bit Snap no more mr pike

  5. Mike must of showed him the YouTube algorithms because ever since the
    collaboration video he’s been getting like 5000 subscribers every 10 days
    or so


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