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Not my month! Fished Cape May in the morning and caught one 17.9″ fluke and a rat striper. Moved to a side of the road pond in south jersey and got a few pickerel to 15″ then headed to the berrics where I caught a 17.5″ LM bass, crappie to 11.75″, a 19.5″ channel cat (missed the video on a 21″) and a couple yellow perch. Piss poor haha!

My kayak is a hobie revo 13

Check back for better description


  1. Another quality film,love these challenge films.really love this channel
    and the awesome content,keep em comin pal.

  2. Dude, you fished hard. I covered about 15 miles in about 8 hours my day.
    Totally wiped out, that worked out to be a decent day of fishing towards
    the end for you.

  3. Your videos always teach me the ways of salt-water fishing! Hopefully next
    year I will be chasing the big ones, according to all the migration times
    and patterns that I marked down this year.

  4. If you don’t mind my asking , what kayak do you own/ use in this video.? I
    am looking to buy one for mostly bass fishing would also like some
    suggestions. Thanks

  5. Hey at least you can catch fish during the day where you live! If you go
    fishing during the day where I live, you’d be lucky to catch a ray!

  6. Fish you caught in fresh water looks like our Northern Pike, but those were
    very small compared to out Northern Pike…Walleye or Pickerel as we call
    them look way different, have big bulging eyes….thanks for video bro.

  7. Also am I the only one who rigs the hollow bodied flukes with the main
    shank of the hook in that pocket in the bait and the hook point in the
    back? Epically with a weighted hook. I find it to work better esp in weeds
    and structure

  8. Also don’t hook it in the eyelet in your rod it can crack and scuff it
    which will possibly break and fray your line. It’s just a good idea to hook
    in in the the “rigging” that connects the eyelet to the rod

  9. You and Extreme Philly Fishing should couch Duke Bass Team for the health
    and welfare of NC, they don’t have one yet.

  10. Damn bad luck man! If you continue to do these in the fall I’d say
    definantly go for muskie it would be sketchy in a kayak but hey that’s alot
    of inches

  11. I found a $40 cart that works pretty well. Not great for soft sand but
    great for everything else. Hit me up if you want the info


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