Hope this helps some of you getting started in kayak fishing, And don’t forget to wear your PFD! Any more questions be sure to ask by commenting or emailing.

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  1. Great video with solid information. I think I agree with just about
    everything you say. This video is a good resource for someone who wants to
    start kayak fishing or someone who has started but is still figuring out
    their preferences. Hooking up while giving advice… awesome! I definitely
    agree about starting with live bait, how much to spend on a kayak and doing
    research. Tight lines man!

  2. This is a very good video for beginners. I’d like to see a part 2. (or am I
    just not finding it?) I bought my first kayak 3 or 4 months ago. I live a
    block from a park in Winter Haven (home of the new Lego Land) with 15 lakes
    all linked together. (Gators and all!) I really like my Striker 11.5 but I
    do wish I could’ve tried it out first. It’s a little hard to paddle for a
    58 y/o! I can hardly wait to be able to fish standing up. Just wondering…
    where does “wear a PFD AT ALL TIMES” fall on your list?

  3. my first yak was a 200$ sun dolphin. Used live bait first day, was using my
    gear by day 3. Caught just as many on my table as I did live bait. just
    gotta get used to it, I wasn’t spending 500+ on one my first time.. the one
    I got had attachments available sold separately, so you could build up as u
    like. very inexpensive too, can save more if you’re creative and do some
    diy parts on them. my whole family actually joined in on the yak fishing
    craze, all 10′ pelican trailblazers and Aruba sun dolphins. nobody can

  4. this was more of a “do you like to fish?”,nothing on
    safety,paddling,set-up,rigging,etc etc,as someone who just got a slayer
    propel,and getting out of a 20′ center conceal boat with a Yamaha 120
    ..this did nothing for me,but thanks for taking the time to put on
    youtube,happy fishing

  5. Great catch !!! Nice video too.!! Thanks I’m starting within a couple of
    week, just order my Kayak !!


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