I went home to visit the folks and while in the area I had to hook up and get in some bass fishing with my good buddy Ron Champion. Ron and Carter invited me to fish the Waterways Township in Richmond Hill, Georgia and I jumped at the chance. I hope you like the video.



  1. Chad what kind of fishing Kayak should a beginner get that won’t break the
    bank and especially when they’ve never really kayaked before?

  2. Chad,

    Another great long feature, when I first started watching I thought you
    were on an evening bite, but the sun came up. Great display of fish
    conservation from Ron with that hook removal, it’s great to catch them but
    it’s even better when we let them go healthy. Great that you showed just
    how long it might take for the fish to strike again, patience patience,
    patience, I have to practice it more. Way to get on them, thanks for

  3. Wish I could have got you on them when you were down here. For good
    footage. I still got some footage to send you.

  4. Do you think fishing traditionally bottom baits like lizards, craws, brush
    hogs, etc. weightless is a good way to get more lethargic fish to bite when
    the water temperature is up?

  5. Love it when the bass are busting the water like that. Just had that happen
    to my this past weekend in a quarry lake. One of my favorite lures to throw
    when they’re doing that is a jerkbait, and I was waiting for you to throw
    one out. I was like “do it Chad, throw the damn jerkbait” lol

    I’ve found I get more bites with it than a fluke or popper and increased
    hookups from the 3 treble hooks since the bass tend to slash the bait

  6. Hey Chad! Just wanted to say that I am really liking the new edits! The
    constant info on what you’re fishing and where is great and the commentary
    notes are perfect too! Keep it up in my opinion!


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