After letting the bad weather past, and wait for calm seas finally on Saturday, November 8 me and couple friends decided to go out to a new adventure,
We stopped by the bait store around 5am and by 6:15am we were aready on the wate. Five minute after I put my first bait on the water boom!!! got hit drag start screaming wahoo on the deck….
a hour later, in 260ft, I put a pilchard out got hit again…Mahi!!
Another hour past by and I decide to do some jigging, first cast, kingfish on……
Things started getting slow and I decided to troll live bait… in 90ft I heard my tld 20 screaming zzzzzzz, then I see this beautiful Mahi jumping out of the water. What an adventure, definately a day to remember…


  1. Sweet mahi bro! Got one out of Navarre, FL last week. Video’s on my
    channel. It was pretty small but my first one. An awesome experience!

  2. It really kills me that you continue to use a spinning rod for a
    conventional reel. I gives an amateur image of you to viewers even when you
    seem to know what you are doing


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