Video is from Friday February 18/19th. The month of February is always the worst month in my hometown of Philadelphia, I decided to take advantage of the cheap gas prices on go on an epic fishing adventure to south Florida to cure the winter blues, I documented the journey and should have a total of 4 videos, one from each day I spent down there.

I planned on fishing saltwater most of the time but the winds were relentless and I ended up kayaking and fishing the Miami Canals for the first day, the fishing was slow but I caught a decent Peacock Bass (13:30) and a Jaguar Guatope. The sights you see while fishing the Miami Canals are crazy and unique and it was easily one of the weirdest and most awesome places I’ve ever fished. Stick around to see Day’s 2, 3 and 4 all coming up in the next couple weeks.

My strategy for this trip was to use google maps to find fishy looking spots and explore them. It was my first time fishing florida and all the spots I fished were spots I found on the map and explored on my own, it would have helped to have some local knowledge but I don’t know anyone in Florida and figured it would be a greater adventure to just wing it and see what happens/what I could catch with the methods I use at home in the Philly area.

Rod/Reel: 6’6 St. Croix Avid + Shimano Sustain 4000


Return of the Mambo by S Strong
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…

I Dunno by Grapes
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…


  1. Just FYI Alligators do attack people, just look at that little boy at
    disney land. These creatures are dinosaurs and I would never tread lightly
    let alone fish from within a kayak in our waters here in south Florida and
    I’m from here. I’ve seen gators attack small john boats and even kayaks
    trying to push over the occupants or just being territorial. There’s a 11
    foot gator in our canal that we call bob. Let me tell ya he’s so gentle. 😉
    Good video though.

  2. Gators deffinetely attack people…. I kayak fish and i live in south
    florida and i never fuck with them or even get close to them


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