Pretty good trip with a surprise shark hook up first thing in the morning. Quick rant about some local drama and then off to the fishing. 3:45 starts the actual fishing so if you aren’t from around here avoid the intro. But in reality things will be changing here for kayakers shortly. I rounded out the trip with my 3 fish limit of black sea bass and two nice flounder to 25″ (5lbs or so).

Intro 00:00 – 01:42
Kayakers; Fish and Shut the F* Up on the Internet 01:43 – 03:42
Dusky Shark – 03:46-08:00
24.5″ Flounder – 08:11 – 10:05
Knucklehead Sea Bass – 10:08-12:13
A mix of keeper sea bass and a 20″ fluke to the end.

I worked two lures this morning. First I hooked the dusky, the big flounder, and the biggest sea bass on an EliasVFishing White Whiptail Shad with a 1 oz. Heads and Lures co. Jighead. These lures are available on in packs of four or Amazon Prime in packs of 8 here:

The other effective lure was a 1oz. Spro Bucktail tipped with a 4″ Berkley Gulp! Swimming Mullet. Both caught fish well today. I harvested two flounder and my legal limit of flounder.

I fished with a KastKing Sharky II 2000 with 20lb KastKing Braided line on a KastKing Phantom Kayak Rod. The other set up is a KastKing Triton 2000 with 15lb KastKing Braided line with an old Cabelas Fish Eagle II rod rated 1/2 oz to 1 & 1/2 oz. The kayak is a Hobie 2011 Outback and my fishfinder is a Lowrance Mark 4


  1. For someone who wants to get into kayak fishing would you suggest starting
    off with a regular paddle fishing kayak?(I’m from the Northfork of Long

  2. nice videos..we fish there alot on our boat but we dont post videos cause
    the place gets enough pressure but its a great area for my
    personal best on this past thurs in that miserable heat..9lb 11oz..all
    jigging also…no more bait for us unless its rough seas..

  3. Ur so rite. Took us few yrs to really get it dialed in but so worth it. The
    access got to be such a pain with our kayaks i decided to get a boat. Just
    a 22 center console for fluking is perfect for me. Good luck to you.

  4. Hey sorry quick question, but I am not sure how to fish the tide properly,
    I am not sure when slack tide is and when the tide picks up. I am assuming
    its the same for in-going and outgoing tide. I would really appreciate your
    help. Thank you.

  5. Great video. I’ve been thinking about doing some open ocean kayaking myself
    but haven’t fully understood the safety aspect. How far do you go from
    shore? What type of weather / wind / wave height do you consider safe? How
    accurate are the marine forecasts in your experience ?

  6. Great video. I admire your confidence in the forecast, I’ve seen it turn
    fast so often, I’d worry about crazy surf getting back in. Which forecast
    model do you prefer for your area? I’ve been liking the accuracy of WF-WRF
    2km in NY harbor where it seems like it’s own microclimate, often more
    volatile than areas outside the Narrows.

    Are you losing inside access too, or just out front?

  7. Totally agree re access. I know one of the spots you’re talking about in
    the Bay that got ruined for us. Someone needs to teach these other
    kayakers, in particular those associated with an “association”, some

  8. Awesome work Elias, what was the wind conditions when you went out? And
    what’s the maximum wind speed you would go out in? Keep up the videos!


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