Safety is paramount when going out to sea kayak fishing and the weather and sea conditions play a big part in the planning of a trip. In this video, I look at how I plan a trip as regards checking forecasts to make sure the best I can that that trip will be safe and comfortable for fishing. I look at the various forecasters I use and discuss the conditions I am looking for at the mark I intend to fish and why.
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“Jarvic 8” “Thief in the Night”
Kevin MacLeod
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  1. very useful, thanks, encouraging to know you don’t venture out in all winds
    and weathers, starting to think I was the only one who wouldn’t chance it
    when the wind gets up and there is chop.

  2. Great video, I apply pretty much the same standard of 15 mph maximum wind
    speed even for a 20′ boat. Above that I’ve found boat control, launching,
    and retrieving to be increasingly difficult. My wife is my dockhand so I
    have to be aware of her safety while tending in high wind. Also, I’ve found
    the forecasts to be off at least 25% of the time with some windy surprises.
    Doubly true when you’re in a kayak.

  3. you always seems to catch something! do you have any tips for fishing poole
    harbour an poole bay I always come up blank ! brilliant videos !

  4. Another brilliant video Rob with sound advice, i have just done a kayak
    safety course which has made me even more confident in the kayak,
    I went to go out to Lath rock last Monday but the conditions were not good
    so i ended up trolling a lure up and down the coast line and had a couple
    of small Pollock!! hoping next weekend will be good

  5. Hi rob, unfortunately had to put my kayaking fishing off until after next
    week now because of weather ,supposed to be fishing first part of week but
    no chance with this wind . More time to watch your vids mate,spot on with
    advice ,nice one again ??


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